We would like to welcome you to 91㽶app. We are Luke Haigh & Elspeth Scobie, the two school captains who hope to make your time at 91㽶app memorable and beneficial. Joining a new school can be difficult but here at 91㽶app we go the extra mile to help you settle into school life and achieve the goals that you set at the beginning of school. 


Now, looking back on our time in highschool. We can relate to the feeling of anxiety that comes with a brand new school with new faces and new challenges. We also understand that moving to high school is a daunting transition. However, we are confident that we will hopefully be able to calm any nerves and ease any worries. 


Firstly, we would like to acknowledge the amazing staff that work at Tarleton from the in lesson teachers, the staff in Pupil Development Centre, catering staff and the cleaning / maintenance staff. We can confidently say that they will help in any way that they can, whenever they can. And honestly, the students will do nothing but welcome you from the first day of year 7, when you still get shown how to get to your classes till the last day in year 11, when you are feeling anxious about your final GCSE exam. 


When we first joined in year 7, there were multiple buildings. It was a little intimidating because we were scared, thinking about how many times we would get lost or we would be late to class because we didn't know where to go. But now you don’t have to worry, as you will be supported every step of the way because now you all will have an amazing school with just one building. We know that for all you sitting down here tonight, this may feel very different and you may be thinking of the 150 different ways this could all go wrong, we know we did, or you may be thinking that you are going to be 100% okay. But we know that there is still a little bit of doubt in all of you. However, we would like to say that coming to Tarleton has been a blessing, and we know that if you make the decision of coming to 91㽶app that by the end, you will feel the exact same.


Furthermore, we would like to talk about the sports opportunities that we have here. Well first off they are better than any other high school, in my opinion, the PE staff are amazing. One area of sports which I (Luke) am very passionate about is boxing, however, there were guidelines which more or less prevented me from pursuing this in school. However,  I still presented the idea of bringing boxing to Tarleton and I was given a task to get 10-15 peoples names that were interested and when I gave the names, Mr Lucas went away to a boxing course to learn how to teach it and to manage it in school. He made it happen. All the time and effort that could have all been avoided by saying sorry I can't, or sorry we aren't allowed because I don't know how to teach it was never even an option and that was all done just because I wanted to box at a club after school. If that doesn't show the dedication and support to the students that the staff has at Tarleton, I don't know what will.


We hope and we know that you have all been made to feel very welcome already. Please use your visit to find out as much as you can about this incredible school. Coming to Tarleton is the best thing that you can do to unlock the best version of yourself if you allow it to.

We really appreciate your patience and thank you for reading.